What's Here

At Gunther’s Lane we bring technology, innovation, community and coffee together in a space like none-other.

Basically, we’re breaking boundaries. We're re-inventing how we use and interact with technology and the world around us.

Inside GL you'll find heaps of great stuff, including sound reducing meeting booths that allows you to wirelessly project your work or presentation from your laptop or tablet onto your private meeting booth TV screen.

There's robots that do battle and a BB8 patrolling the floor.

See our 3D printer live in front of your very own eyes or immerse yourself in another world with virtual reality.

Still want to know more? Come in store and see it all for yourself.


Ever wondered what it’s like to fly a plane, fight zombies or walk on the moon?

Welcome to virtual reality. At Gunther’s Lane, we’re all about the tech, and the world of VR is just one of the items we have here for you to come down and use.

See below for more detail on our experiential and physical tech we have available for you to play with.

– Have you got a class, idea or thought on how you could use this space? Then get in contact with us, we’d love to hear how and what we can do to help –

It’s the sort of thing you need to see to believe, and believe us, it is out of this world and available right here in Bathurst.


Looking for something to do?
Well, Gunther’s Lane offers the latest in online and video gaming consoles.
With our high-speed internet you can finally react as quick as you need to beat Newbdestroya89 once and for all.
We have heaps of games available for you and your friends to come in and play. From Battlefield to Fifa, NBA 2k16 to GTAV.
It’s all here, and available for you to play – no catches.
We also have heaps of cool stuff to keep you entertained – including work stations, with headphones, communal meeting spaces and
great coffee – did we mention our great coffee yet?


Here at Gunther’s Lane, we know times are’a changin’. In fact, as technology enables rapid and mass sharing of information, as well as easier and more reliable live audio and visual connectivity all around the world it’s no surprise that the way in which we operate is also changing.
This is exciting.
This is the entire reason we have the latest in technology for meetings.
Whether you are a student, business person or just like free wi-fi, we have the space for you. Our meeting spaces are designed to keep sound in, and limit background noise.
We have smart TV’s for you to throw your presentations on...wirelessly...and yes, you heard correctly. You don’t need a physical wire to put that PowerPoint on the big screen.
Plus we have great coffee, which is always a winner. Did we mention that already?


Here at Gunther’s Lane, we host a range of events for a range of people. The technology age isn’t coming, it is well and truly upon us. This means it impacts all of us, at some level, whether you
know it or not. So regardless of your age or interest, we think there’s something here for you to learn. See below for the latest list of upcoming events here at Gunthers.

Have Your Next Gathering @ Gunther's!


Coffee for Farmers

At Gunthers Lane during the month of September, every Friday we will be donating $0.50 cents from every coffee will go towards a drought relief charity

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Sprung Festival

Gunthers Lane is excited to be launching this year’s Sprung Festival of Creativity.

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Winter Sessions

To celebrate the last day of winter, Gunthers Lane will be bringing back their 'Winter Sessions'.

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Learn More

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Gunthers Lane Tech Hub is open 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 12pm Saturday.

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