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Gunthers Lane is a free experiential technology hub in the heart of Bathurst. An initiative of the Reliance Bank, bringing technology, innovation, community and coffee together in a space like no other. We invite you to work from the free WiFi, play in the video game corner or learn about technology from our friendly team.

Technology Hub | Gunthers Lane, Bathurst
3D Printing Hub | Gunthers Lane, Bathurst

Inspiring Future Generations

Gunthers Lane is loaded with all kinds of exciting and amazing technology. Climb the Eiffel Tower as if you were there using Virtual Reality, or see a dinosaur walk down the street and straight past you using Augmented Reality. Print something on the 3D printer!


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Cafe Menu

A Variety of Sweet Treats and Ribbon Gang Coffee


Small $4.50

Medium $5.00

Large $6.00

Syrups: Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut

Babychino $2.50

Picollo/Machiatto $3.50


Green, English Breakfast, Earl Grey (any size) $4.00

Cold Drinks

Soft Drinks $2.60

Bottled Water $2.50

Milkshakes (Reg $6.00 | Large $7.00)


Banana Bread $5.00

Choc Chip Muffin $3.00

Blueberry/Raspberry Muffin $5.50

Cinnamon Scroll $6.00

Blueberry Danish $6.00

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  • Monday6am - 4pm
  • Tuesday6am - 4pm
  • Wednesday6am - 4pm
  • Thursday6am - 4pm
  • Friday6am - 4pm
  • Saturday7am - 2pm
  • Sunday7am - 2pm
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