Gunther’s Lane will be open to the public from Monday the 31st October, A.K.A Halloween.

That’s right, the doors to the bottom of the reliance building will finally be open after many months of building, programming, learning and re-learning! The covers are coming down!


Many people are wondering though, what IS it?! In short, Gunther’s Lane is an experiential tech hub, a playground for the bold, and community centre for emerging technology and learning.


But don’t just take our word for it. Come in and see for yourself! We’re open from 9am to 5.30pm every day Monday to Friday from the 31st October onwards.


Note: Our recommendation would be to come in from the 1st of November (Tuesday onwards). The 31st is the Grand Opening, and we’re already filled up!


Quickly, inside the hub we have:

– a 3D printer

– Virtual Reality

– Smartphones

– Tablets

– Desktops

– Macs

– Robots

– Video game corner

– Great Coffee!

An Australian first, don’t miss out!