Conditions of Use

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Gunther’s Lane

Code of Conduct

Public Use of Gunther’s Lane Resources:


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Gunther’s Lane will not allow its resources to be used in a manner that is harassing, discriminatory, abusive, rude, insulting, threatening, obscene or otherwise inappropriate.


Visitors will respect others and share Gunther’s Lane resources.

Visitors will also not damage equipment, treating Gunther’s Lane equipment with care at all times.


Gunther’s Lane equipment will be used in the manner designed and visitors must leave the equipment in the same condition as found.


Visitors will always treat staff and other visitors respectfully.


Always protect your own private information including passwords and personal details at all times.



Visitors will not :


  1. damage or remove equipment, software, or data from Gunther’s Lane.
  2. violate Gunther’s Lane computer system security or attempt to gain unauthorised access.
  3. reproduce material protected by copyright without permission
  4. monitor electronic communications
  5. Inappropriately use email services


Offensive or abusive language will not be tolerated and offenders will be directed to leave the premises immediately.


It is the responsibility of all visitors to ensure that they always exercise care and caution when moving around the premises, operating equipment and placement of personal belongings.


Children should always be supervised by a responsible adult.


This centre contains screens and content that includes flashing images that can be dangerous to any customers with epilepsy.

If you feel that the centre and/or content will be in any way harmful or dangerous to you, please exit the centre immediately.

If any symptoms of nausea, headache or dizziness begin to occur, we recommend you notify our staff and visit your doctor or nearest hospital as soon as possible.

Note: If you enter Gunther’s Lane, it is under your own knowledge and consent to do so, and therefore hold no responsibility to Gunther’s Lane.


It is a condition of entry that all visitors abide by all Australian Laws


No food or drink is to be consumed in Gunther’s Lane to protect equipment and furnishings.



All visitors must obey any directive or instructions given by Gunther’s Lane staff or management.

Access to the Gunther’s Lane premises and limited internet service and devices is at the sole discretion of Gunther’s Lane staff and management.  The decision of Gunther’s Lane staff and management is final.